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When it comes to hair extensions, you simply can’t ignore Invisible LA Weave London. Our knowledge of the business is legendary. Our hair extensions themselves are stunning. We eat, drink and live hair extensions! And because we have the highest quality hair extensions London has to offer, you’ll be in great hands!

We have been operating in the hair industry for more than 15 years. So with quality hair, quality service, and highly experienced, expert hair extension specialists, our fabulous Hair Extension salon in the heart of trendy Hornsey, close to Crouch End and Wood Green is your one-stop salon for all your hair extension needs! We’d love to have a chat with you about what we can do for you – and your hair.

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What's the Invisible LA Weave?

Our attachment of choice is the Invisible LA weave. Weft hair extensions are sewn into the client’s hair on a track of micro rings, and a full head of extensions can be achieved in just one hour with only 2-3 rows of extensions fitted. The LA Weave feels comfortable yet secure, and there is virtually no visibility of the extensions, which means being able to tie your hair up without seeing them!

The LA Weave extensions are kind to your hair and are the easiest method to maintain. They lay completely flat, unlike the bulky traditional braided weave. The LA Weave extensions will last for 6-8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows and then the same hair can then simply be removed and refitted in under an hour.

We use high-quality luxury hair extensions wefts that can be reused for 6-9 months providing you take good care of it.

Application Time: 1 Hour
Removal Time: 10-15 Minutes
Refit Time: 6-8 Weeks
Hair Life Span: 6-9 Months
Suitable For: Most Hair Types

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Micro Rings

Micro ring hair extensions are one of the most popular methods of attachment for hair extensions. Micro rings are small metal rings that hair extensions are threaded through, along with some of your own hair. Once they have been positioned correctly the micro rings are clamped into place, securing the hair extensions to your hair. Our micro rings are lined with a fine silicone layer in order to ensure slippage is minimised.
Due to their small size, micro rings are virtually undetectable when placed in the hair; they are also completely damage-free and can be removed or repositioned with ease.

Nano Rings

Nano rings are the most advanced hair extension system; they are the smallest micro ring system in the world with the Nano rings being 90% smaller and less detectable than standard micro rings. This gives our hair extensions a more natural appearance.

Not only can nano ring hair extensions be used on all hair types, but due to their subtle design, they’re also perfect for thinner hair!.

Tape Extensions

Lasts up to 8 weeks then can be reapplied using the same hair. It is a faster application method, suitable for fine hair as it lays very flat on the head.

Colouring Service

We are experienced colourists we can match the hair extensions to your own hair or we can dye your own hair to match your favourite shade. This can often be done on the same day of the fitting but if you wish to completely change the colour of your hair I recommend to have the hair extensions applied on a separate appointment as we will need to match them to the new hair colour. Depending on your colour history going from dark to blonde in one day might just not be possible especially if you have been using home hair dyes. A strand test is available during the consultation to assure the final result.

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